Transform your old smartphone in a
Fun, Healthy, Secure & Educational device for your kids

Demo videos


Step 1: Your app to stay in contact with your kids

Download Leader8 with this QR code or the link below :

This app will be your dashboard to monitor and keep contact with your kids. Start by creating your account, very important this account can be administator of 4 Team8 devices, and can be connect to many others.

Only the administators of a device can give access to phones numbers, if already registered in Leader8.
For security reasons, each kids account has to be link to one parents/Leader8 account.


Step 2: Transform & secure your kid’s new device

Take the old or a new smartphone (minimum Android 7 system), that would be turn to kid’s phone. Go in «Settings» and ask for a «Factory reset». WARNING the operation will erase everything in this phone and can not be undone. With this new, empty, kid’s device tap 8 times on «Welcome» connect to WIFI, then click on this button (<< on the left) and with camera flash the QR code. 

 If an error occurs, restart the smartphone while pressing the power button, and try again.

The process can take a little time, then enter the parent phone number (already created in Leader8). IMPORTANT this phone number will be the administrator for this account and can not be change.

Then let your kid create his/her own superhero and let them play!
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